Love Lost.

For some reason, this song reminded me of how crazy it would be to form a band. Then again, that's a fantasy, or when all else fails plan. haha, maybe. Brought my camera to school today, for no particular reason, although some friends had fun with it. Those will be up on facebook, eventually. Caught up with editing church photos at the moment, and that lovely thing called homework.
Carved shaped heart.
Sported these bad boys today.


On to the next level.

I'm dying for my new camera already, and to get started on this 365 project of mine, in which so many other people are fond of at the moment as well. I want to start once I get my new camera, so that my brother dearest can use mine, for his 365 project as well. His is a bit more interesting, cause as the days progress, so will his abilities; he's just starting out, with some basic knowledge, like how I started out.

On another note, I'm still wondering why I cannot consistently post things on this blog anymore. I mean, don't get me wrong, I still love the concept of posting things on your blog, I just feel like I don't have the time, therefore, lazy. In any case, here are some photos I've worked pretty hard on lately. Enjoy, and 365 days of nategdocs coming soon!

ps. Peep the new playlist, finally! Hope you don't get thrown off with the electric/pop song at the end, compared to all of the indie-alternative rock songs above it. haha.

Surprisingly, compared to the next two city photos, this one took me the longest, however, not really fulfilling my goal of editing a photo for a minimum of 3 hours(this took almost 2 hours).
Another day's struggle.
Eversince I can remember.
For the sake of..
Skip the adolescence.



Never thought Id be back blogging on this thing again, due to extreme laziness. In any case, lately, as many of you know, Ive been really caught up with numerous photoshoots, especially the ones in the near future. So far the photoshoots Ive done have been pretty successful, and Im satisfied. WAY to lazy to post all of my previous photoshoot shots, but will provide the link if you're interested.

Last Thursday, hit up Chinatown to pick up some props for the 2 day shoot tomorrow and Thursday. While we were there, we might as well have a street photography photosession, which was actually my first time doing street photography, hope you like.
Urban Mobs.
Photogs of the day.
Everyday Struggle.
Game face girl, game face.
Mawi's Game Face.
VicLagis, again.
Too many pictures..
I Can't Live Without My Radio.
Strictly Business.
Always Strapped.
Backseat Shot.
Umbrella Ella.
Have a great day folks.


Randomography part fooo'.

Darker side of things.
The Stairway.
Obey Giant.
Yellow Nights.
On with the Lomolove.



Bricks Part dos.
Blue Box.


Love's Halo.

Due to the fact that I have not been out lately to take new photos, I sit my lazy ass on this chair, and edit for hours. This one didnt take me awhile, but it turned out just fine. I really didnt expect the purple heart to come in place. Oh boy Im bored, and this picture is REALLY old. Doesnt really match the kind of photos that have been up lately, 'sall good.
Love's Halo.
Oh, and no quiz tonight. HOLL-ER.



My dad is the only person I know who has quite a wide variety of music interest. Awhile back, he showed me his old Hip Hop/Rap tapes, that included original tracks from LL Cool J, N.W.A, Beastie Boys, Biz Markie, and many more. He was planning to sell the whole suitcase, but I wanted to keep it, shoot, I thought it was pretty dope, and saw it as precious treasure. I am, and forever will be, a Hip Hop kid.
Suitcases and Travel Jams.
Hidden Treasures.
Beastie Boys.


That New New.

Tough as Nails.
Return of the Yellow.


It's Been Awhile.

As you have already noticed, majority of my posts consist of edited, old and new photos. Usually I have a random train of thoughts, but never felt the need to jot them down. Well, things should change, other than just boring a couple of you with my "photography game." Although, I do find books filled with nothing but photos rather interesting, then again, could be a photographer sort of thing. Speaking of photography, lately, I have had the complete URGE to purchase at least 2 Polaroids. Only concern is, which Im sure is the concern for every person considering on buying Polaroids is the cost of the damn film. Frankly, I dont really mind, if I have money, that is. It'll be worth it when you have an awesome Polaroid as the result. Aside from the wonders of Polaroids, I have also been looking at Lomo film cameras, such as the Diana F+ and Lomo LC A+, in particular. I have totally fell in love with the concepts of Lomography. Hopefully you can notice how much effort has been put into making my digital photos look very much like a Lomo photo, cause trust me, it took me forever just to figure it out. As far as my current digital camera, D90, here I come.

Is it me, or did October go by REALLY fast? What a month it has been. I just want the year to fly by already, see what 2010 has in store for me. Hit up senior year already, and drive next year as well. Im so young, I love it. (I totally just typed "I love you" first. haha). Anywho, hopefully I can start to workout soon as well, skinny boy needs to bulk up. Tired of the constant b/s. You'll all see.

As far as this weekend goes, I have quite a bit of work to do. This Saturday, church is having a Family/Children's Night, which would encourage our kids (in church) to NOT go trick-or-treating. As many of you may not know, my religion does not celebrate Halloween, which is COMPLETELY fine with me. Although, a costume party AFTER Halloween would be bomb. So Saturday should be good. Then, all of this History homework, which im HOPING I can have the mood to work on, and not work the wonders of procrastination. Friday Homework: What a joy.

Dooope, I have not posted a text-only blog post in ages! Take care folks, and have a safe Halloween(for the celebrants). :)


Randomography part twee.

No school today, holla.

L for Love.
Daygo, I miss you.
Skate Thugs.
City Love.
Sellick Wood.
A lot of photo blogging lately. Makes up for my boring choice of words. :)